My Resume


University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI December 2002
Bachelor of Science Computer Science
Senior Software Engineer
Lapis Software Associates Warwick, RI Jul 2012 to Sep 2016
Lead Software Engineer – Gem Retailer Web Application

o   Lead Engineer “On Call” 24/7 for Demos, Bugs, and Support

o   Repurposed Existing Java Enterprise Application and Expanded Functionality while Reducing Number of Differences in Codebases Between Jurisdictions

o   Managed Multiple Private GIT Repositories for Maintaining Unique Codebases

o   Consulted with Staff and Managers from Multiple Jurisdictions to Assess Needs

o   Methodically Cleaned Pre-existing Database of all Legacy Tables and Data

o   Reengineered Application MSSQL Views for Jurisdiction Differences

o   Created and Maintained MSSQL Tables, Views, Indexes, and Stored Procedures

o   Developed Scheduled Maintenance Tasks with SQL Server Management Studio

o   Automated Data Imports with Microsoft SSIS/SSDT in Microsoft Visual Studio

o   Designed and Implemented J2EE and PrimeFaces Enhancements

o   Created Complex On Demand and Scheduled Reports using Crystal Reports and Visual Cut for Batch Reporting Purposes

o   Tracked and Reported Development Efforts with Excel and Trello

o   Performed Rigorous End to End User Testing

o   Installed and Administered JBoss Application Server

o   Documented Development Practices and Procedures with Google Docs

o   Authored Project Proposals and Technical Papers with Microsoft Office (Including Project and Visio) and User Documentation with Adobe Robohelp

o   Trained On Site Lottery and Corporate End Users

o   Implemented and Maintained VM Demo Systems for New Business Opportunities

Software Engineer

o   Enhanced Gem Intelligence Portal using OutSystems for Rapid Development

o   Aided Development of Offline Data Solution using AppCache and IndexDB

o   Built Filters and Reports using JavaScript and SQL to Replace Legacy Reports

o   Recorded Employee Device GPS Locations and Utilized Google and MapQuest APIs for Overlayment on Selected Travel Routes

o   Developed Web Services for Lottery Terminals using Java, JSON, and JNA

o   Developed Multi-threaded Java OSGi Framework Terminal Simulation and Testing Software


Software Engineer II Prior DoD Security Clearance
Progeny Systems Groton, CT Jan 2008 to Jun 2012
Technical Lead – Machinery LAN Prototype

o   Produced All Project Administration and Technical Documentation

o   Designed, Ordered, and Built IBM BladeCenter Servers Running VMWare ESXi and Configured IBM RAID Arrays as Storage Area Network (SAN)

o   Led Software Engineering and Integration Efforts of Prototype System

o   Installed and Tested Prototype at Customer’s Facility

o   Wrote and Delivered Hands-on Presentation to NAVY Board and Customer, Leading to Acquisition of Multi-Year, High-value Contract

Lead Software Engineer – Password Encryption Tool

o   Wrote Functionality and Software Requirements Documentation

o   Developed using Python and Java to Encrypt Stored Passwords for JBoss, ORACLE, SQL Server, Active Directory, and Third Party Applications

o   Tracked Work Efforts and Enhancements with MS Project and Excel

o   Supervised Student Intern in Developing Graphical User Interface (GUI) with wxPython

o   Maintained Software and Incorporated New Functionality as Needed

Software Engineer – Cross Domain Deep Packet Inspection Firewall

o   Developed and Adhered to Software and Information Assurance (IA) Requirements

o   Utilized ZSI for Python to Verify SOAP Messages Against Existing WSDL

o   Scanned SOAP Messages for Invalid and Hidden Information

o   Verified Complete IA Compliance using Test Cases and Unit Tests

o   Final Product Tested and Approved for Use Onboard Pilot Boat for Transmittal of Unclassified Information from Secret to Unclassified Networks by US NAVY

Software Integrator

o   Automated Installations using Install Shield, VB Script, and SQL

o   Loaded New and Analyzed Existing Database Content for Corruption using ORACLE SQL Plus and Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager

o   Managed User Permissions within Active Directory, SQL Server, and ORACLE

o   Developed Group Policies and Managed LDAP and Active Directory Permissions

o   Created Single Sign On (SSO) and Data Sharing Abilities Between “Stove Pipe” Applications

Fleet Support Engineer

o   Prepared Travel Itinerary and Managed Visitor Access Requests (VARs)

o   Coordinated with Alteration and Installation Team (AIT) Leader, RMMCO, Ship’s Forces and Other Contractors to Install and Configure Software Systems Onboard US Naval Vessels

o   Taught Entire Crew and Performed On the Job Training (OJT) with System Administrators


Software Engineer Prior  DoD Security Clearance
RITE Solutions Pawcatuck, CT Sep 2005 to Dec 2007
Lead Software Engineer – Submarine Simulator Re-host

o   Directed Software Redesign and Re-host of Submarine Dive and Control Training Simulator from Modular FORTRAN to Object Oriented C++

o   Collaborated with Diverse Personnel Across Continental United States

o   Authored System Requirements, Design, Code, and Testing Documentation

o   Designed Internal Multi-threaded Framework

o   Implemented Network Interfaces to External Servers and Clients

o   Installed and Tested Network Cabling, Hardware, and Software of the SIM Re-host at Submarine Training Facilities Throughout the USA

Field Engineer – Supporting Office of Naval Intelligence Acoustics Programs

o   Traveled Extensively to Install ONI Systems Onboard Fast Attack Submarines

o   Developed and Published Technical Test Documents and Installation Manuals

o   Acted as Liaison Between Boats and Government Research Lab

Anteon Corporation Mystic, CT Dec 2002 to Sep 2005
Software Engineer – Submarine Simulator Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

o   Designed and Implemented Changes Requested to IOS by Naval Air

o   Maintained IOS Software Package with use of CVS, MS Visual Studio 6.0, C++, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and the DirectX SDK

Software Engineer/Graphic Artist – Virtual Common Instrument Panel

o   Designed and Built System to Emulate the CIP Found Onboard Submarines

o   Created Lifelike Display of CIP with GL Studio, Photoshop, and C++

o   Developed Network Interface Between Alpha Server (FORTRAN) and CIP

o   Configured and Maintained CVS Repository for all Code and Documentation

Lead Software Engineer – NITES2 Memory Leaks

o   Led a Team of Three Developers to Discover and Fix Memory Leaks in Native C and C++

o   Employed Rational Purify and JProbe to Track Leaks from Java through the JNI into Legacy C/C++ Libraries

Software Engineer

o   Produced a Topographical Mapping Package to Display Color-Coded Terrain Elevation Maps for any Given Area of the World using Java and Swing Components

o   Learned JNI to Interface with Native C Library to Retrieve Needed Data

o   Programmed in Java, JNI, and C++ to Port a Subset of Windows Based NITES2 Software to Execute on Legacy Computer Systems Operating UNIX


Military Experience:
DET 2 HHC 3/172 (Mt) Infantry East Greenwich, RI Nov 1994 to Nov 2000
Team Leader Specialist E-4 Honorable Discharge
o   Attended Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Benning, GA

o   Was a member of the Anti-Armor Platoon and Later the Scouts

o   Learned Ice Climbing, Avalanche and Crevasse Rescue Techniques, and Knot Skills while Graduating Mountain Warfare School Winter Phase

o   Selected and Awarded for Representing the Mountain Battalion in Multinational Training Exercises in Germany for our Debut Two Years

o   Learned to Treat Everyone with Respect and to Remain Calm in All Situations

o   Learned to Think Before Answering and that there are No Excuses

o   Learned to Give Credit Where It’s Due

o   Developed my Leadership, Self Management, and Other Soft Skills


Volunteerism, Side Jobs, and Interests
o   Program Organizer for March for Science in Providence, RI 2017

o   Landscaping for Hattoy’s Nursery, Voted Best Nursery in Rhode Island by RI Monthly

o   Farming Free Range, Organic Chicken Eggs since 2015 with my Girlfriend and Daughter

o   Writing Science Fiction/Fantasy Short Stories

o   Developing and Playtesting Physical and Digital Board Games

o   Long Distance Running, Hiking, and Camping



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