My Resume


University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI Dec 2002

o   Achieved a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Computer Science

o   URI Computer Science focuses heavily on calculus and physics within their curriculum


Senior Software Engineer

Lapis Software Associates Warwick, RI Jul 2012 – Sep 2016

Lead Software Engineer – Gem Retailer Web Application

o   Lead Engineer “On Call” 24/7 for Demos, Bugs, and Support

o   Repurposed Existing Java Enterprise Application and Expanded Functionality while Reducing Number of Differences in Codebases Between Jurisdictions

o   Managed Multiple Private GIT Repositories for Maintaining Unique Codebases

o   Consulted with Staff and Managers from Multiple Jurisdictions to Assess Needs

o   Methodically Cleaned Pre-existing Database of all Legacy Tables and Data

o   Reengineered Application MSSQL Views for Jurisdiction Differences

o   Created and Maintained MSSQL Tables, Views, Indexes, and Stored Procedures

o   Developed Scheduled Maintenance Tasks with SQL Server Management Studio

o   Automated Data Imports with Microsoft SSIS/SSDT in Microsoft Visual Studio

o   Designed and Implemented J2EE and PrimeFaces Enhancements

o   Created Complex On Demand and Scheduled Reports using Crystal Reports and Visual Cut for Batch Reporting Purposes

o   Tracked and Reported Development Efforts with Excel and Trello

o   Performed Rigorous End to End User Testing

o   Installed and Administered JBoss Application Server

o   Documented Development Practices and Procedures with Google Docs

o   Authored Project Proposals and Technical Papers with Microsoft Office (Including Project and Visio) and User Documentation with Adobe Robohelp

o   Trained On Site Lottery and Corporate End Users

o   Implemented and Maintained VM Demo Systems for New Business Opportunities

Software Engineer

o   Enhanced Gem Intelligence Portal using OutSystems for Rapid Development

o   Aided Development of Offline Data Solution using AppCache and IndexDB

o   Built Filters and Reports using JavaScript and SQL to Replace Legacy Reports

o   Recorded Employee Device GPS Locations and Utilized Google and MapQuest APIs for Overlayment on Selected Travel Routes

o   Developed Web Services for Lottery Terminals using Java, JSON, and JNA

o   Developed Multi-threaded Java OSGi Framework Terminal Simulation and Testing Software


Software Engineer II

Progeny Systems Groton, CT Jan 2008 – Jun 2012

Technical Lead – Machinery LAN Prototype

o   Produced Project Administration and Technical Documentation

o   Designed, Ordered, and Built IBM BladeCenter Servers Running VMWare ESXi and Configured IBM RAID Arrays as Storage Area Network (SAN)

o   Led Software Engineering and Integration Efforts of Prototype System

o   Managed Company and Contractor Software Engineer Task Assignments

o   Installed and Tested Prototype at Customer’s Facility

o   Wrote and Delivered Hands-on Presentation to NAVY Board and Customer, Leading to Acquisition of Multi-Year, High-value Contract

Lead Software Engineer – Password Encryption Tool

o   Wrote Functionality and Software Requirements Documentation

o   Developed using Python and Java to Encrypt Stored Passwords for JBoss, ORACLE, SQL Server, Active Directory, and Third Party Applications

o   Tracked Work Efforts and Enhancements with MS Project and Excel

o   Maintained Subversion Repository for Codebase and Releases

o   Performed Post Mortems with Every Release

o   Supervised Student Intern in Developing Graphical User Interface (GUI) with wxPython

o   Maintained Software and Incorporated New Functionality as Needed

Software Engineer – Cross Domain Deep Packet Inspection Firewall

o   Developed and Adhered to Software and Information Assurance (IA) Requirements

o   Utilized ZSI for Python to Verify SOAP Messages Against Existing WSDL

o   Scanned SOAP Messages for Invalid and Hidden Information

o   Verified Complete IA Compliance using Test Cases and Unit Tests

o   Final Product Tested and Approved for Use Onboard Pilot Boat for Transmittal of Unclassified Information from Secret to Unclassified Networks by US NAVY

Software Integrator

o   Automated Installations using Install Shield, VB Script, and SQL

o   Loaded New and Analyzed Existing Database Content for Corruption using ORACLE SQL Plus and Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager

o   Managed User Permissions within Active Directory, SQL Server, and ORACLE

o   Developed Group Policies and Managed LDAP and Active Directory Permissions

o   Created Single Sign On (SSO) and Data Sharing Abilities Between “Stove Pipe” Applications

Fleet Support Engineer

o   Prepared Travel Itinerary and Managed Visitor Access Requests (VARs)

o   Coordinated with Alteration and Installation Team (AIT) Leader, RMMCO, Ship’s Forces and Other Contractors to Install and Configure Software Systems Onboard US Naval Vessels

o   Taught Entire Crew and Performed On the Job Training (OJT) with System Administrators


Software Engineer

RITE Solutions Pawcatuck, CT Sep 2005 – Dec 2007

Lead Software Engineer – Submarine Simulator Re-host

o   Directed Software Redesign and Re-host of Submarine Dive and Control Training Simulator from Modular FORTRAN to Object Oriented C++

o   Collaborated with Diverse Personnel Across Continental United States

o   Authored System Requirements, Design, Code, and Testing Documentation

o   Designed Internal Multi-threaded Framework

o   Implemented Network Interfaces to External Servers and Clients

o   Installed and Tested Network Cabling, Hardware, and Software of the SIM Re-host at Submarine Training Facilities Throughout the USA

Field Engineer – Supporting Office of Naval Intelligence Acoustics Programs

o   Traveled Extensively to Install ONI Systems Onboard Fast Attack Submarines

o   Developed and Published Technical Test Documents and Installation Manuals

o   Acted as Liaison Between Boats and Government Research Lab


Anteon Corporation Mystic, CT Dec 2002 – Sep 2005

Software Engineer – Submarine Simulator Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

o   Designed and Implemented Changes Requested to IOS by Naval Air

o   Maintained IOS Software Package with use of CVS, MS Visual Studio 6.0, C++, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and the DirectX SDK

Software Engineer/Graphic Artist – Virtual Common Instrument Panel

o   Designed and Built System to Emulate the CIP Found Onboard Submarines

o   Created Lifelike Display of CIP with GL Studio, Photoshop, and C++

o   Developed Network Interface Between Alpha Server (FORTRAN) and CIP

o   Configured and Maintained CVS Repository for all Code and Documentation

Lead Software Engineer – NITES2 Memory Leaks

o   Led a Team of Three Developers to Discover and Fix Memory Leaks in Native C and C++

o   Employed Rational Purify and JProbe to Track Leaks from Java through the JNI into Legacy C/C++ Libraries

Software Engineer

o   Produced a Topographical Mapping Package to Display Color-Coded Terrain Elevation Maps for any Given Area of the World using Java and Swing Components

o   Learned JNI to Interface with Native C Library to Retrieve Needed Data

o   Programmed in Java, JNI, and C++ to Port a Subset of Windows Based NITES2 Software to Execute on Legacy Computer Systems Operating UNIX


Military Experience

DET 2 HHC 3/172 (Mt) Infantry East Greenwich, RI Nov 1994 – Nov 2002

o   Attended Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Benning, GA

o   Achieved rank of Specialist, E-4 within the role of Team Leader in the Scouts platoon

o   Was a member of the Anti-Armor Platoon and Later the Scouts

o   Learned Ice Climbing, Avalanche and Crevasse Rescue Techniques, and Knot Skills while Graduating Mountain Warfare School Winter Phase

o   Selected and Awarded for Representing the Mountain Battalion in Multinational Training Exercises in Germany for our Debut Two Years

o   Learned to Treat Everyone with Respect and to Remain Calm in All Situations

o   Learned to Think Before Answering and that there are No Excuses

o   Learned to Give Credit Where It’s Due

o   Developed my Leadership, Self Management, and Other Soft Skills

o   Was released from service with an Honorable Discharge


Volunteerism/Side Work/Interests

o   Program Organizer for March for Science in Providence, RI 2017

o   Landscaping for Hattoy’s Nursery, Voted Best Nursery in Rhode Island by RI Monthly

o   Farming Free Range, Organic Chicken Eggs since 2015 with my Girlfriend and Daughter

o   Writing Science Fiction/Fantasy Short Stories

o   Developing and Playtesting Physical and Digital Board Games

o   Long Distance Running, Hiking, and Camping



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